Spending the whole day together and being completely immersed in each other.

Deciding which epic location you want to marry each other in!

Authentic moments that feel like you and don't feel cheesy and forced.

The best experience of your life, with your favorite person, and anyone else you want to invite.

Not worrying about the multitude of stress and drama created from family or friends.

Remembering every single little detail on your best day for what it truly embodied.

let's plan your best adventure yet

Together, you're about to embark on your greatest adventure yet


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Choosing a smaller celebration allows you go against the grain and call every shot. You won't have to worry about all the big wedding drama. Eloping can look like family and friends vacationing right outside of Franconia, New Hampshire to watch you marry each other. Or you could marry in Crawford Notch State Park and then take golden hour photos. Lastly, followed-up by a private dinner curated by a personal chef.

You don't have to stress about a seating chart for 200 people or worry about other unwanted opinions. You don't have to fork up a ton of money to feed people you haven't seen in years. If this sounds like you, let's chat some more about the process.

So what does this all mean?

planning your day, your way

Intimate wedding info

eloping in the white mountains allows you to Say hello to...

Hey, I'm            , your New Hampshire elopement photographer.


I'm born and raised in New Hampshire, spend a lot of time outdoors, and believe that you deserve someone who takes great photos and provides an amazing experience.

I love spending time up at our cabin in the woods surrounded by the White Mountains. It's a huge part of who I am and I've learned a lot of about myself from my hours spent there. I can't wait to learn how the outdoors has shaped you too.


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adventurous  |  warm  |  intentional  |  thought-provoking  |  romantic  |  timeless

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Imagine doing exactly what you want on your big day

Having a smaller celebration allows the two of you to do anything you desire on your day. Picture this: you both spend the night in a beautiful Airbnb in North Conway, NH. In the morning you wake up to make your favorite breakfast and get ready together. From there we embark on a hike to a beautiful view for your ceremony. After we take your portraits and enjoy nature, we will regroup for a helicopter ride that takes you above the mountains. The options are endless and there are so many factors to consider when planning. You'll soon learn how we choose the best ones for your day, together. 

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