Your new adventure buddy and pro photographer. You deserve someone who takes great photos and provides an amazing experience. I'm born and raised in New England and spend a lot of time outdoors.

You deserve a photographer that will spend thoughtful time with you and get to know you. Someone that will adventure outdoors and not worry about getting dirty. Build you a campfire at the end of the night and bring the s'mores. I'll carry all the important stuff, you only have to worry about looking good.

I love spending time up at our cabin in the woods surrounded by the mountains. It's a huge part of who I am and I've learned a lot of about myself from my hours spent there. I can't wait to learn how the outdoors has shaped you too.

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hey lovers, I'm vanessa

My Favorite Girl, India

trust me, dogs are always welcome here

As you can see, this girl is my heart dog. She's the first dog that I've ever owned on my own, of course with Arie. That said, the day that Arie and I marry each other (I hope it's soon!) this girl will be present. She'll be with me during the getting ready process, sit with us during part of our vows, and then adventure some more. So yeah, you can definitely bring your dog to your elopement or intimate wedding. You deserve someone who know plenty of places and will help you choose!

Let's take the dog!

Our Travel Schedule

That hunk standing next to me is my most favorite person in the world. His name is Arie and he's my boyfriend, hopefully fiance soon! We grew up less than a quarter mile from each other and didn't connect until we hopped on a dating site and met when I was 25.  We've been together for four years and have been lucky enough to experience so many beautiful places together. We've been to more than ten national parks, including some in Alaska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Maine. You'll most likely see him on your elopement day. He's the best assistant I could ever ask for and in the past has held rings, bridal bouquets, signed marriage licenses, been the pack mule, and of course has helped navigate and location scout. He's an eagle scout so being outdoors is his happy place! We both cannot wait to meet you!

Meet Arie, my adventure buddy/best friend

these are our plans for 2024! if you see your potential spot on our list, reach out!





White Mountains, NH
Acadia National Park, ME
Lake Champlain, VT

Bonneville Salt Flats, UT
Big Sur, CA

White Mountains, NH
Glacier National Park, MT
Grand Teton National Park, WY

White Mountains, NH
Adirondack Mountains, NY

Come adventure with us!