Cathedral Ledge Elopement – Mariah + Matthew

Two very special people eloped on October 25, 2021 and it was one of the most memorable days I’ve ever photographed.

Mariah asked me if I was free to photograph her elopement to my cousin a few months before it took place. Obviously I couldn’t say no and was overjoyed to be a part of such a monumental day in their lives. To make it even sweeter, Matt’s mom got to marry them and their cute little boxer, Maize got to be there too.

It was cold, dreary, foggy, and pretty rainy the whole morning. I woke up so early, I believe it was around 4am to make the two hour drive to Cathedral Ledge in the Conway area of New Hampshire. Of course, we were the only ones because who wanted to get up early for sunrise when there really wasn’t going to be one. However, hindsight 20/20 because wow it was so amazing to have the whole place to ourselves.

I took everyone down to the best view of the ledge not even thirty minutes later, these two vowed the most beautiful words to each other and were pronounced husband and wife. It’s hard to describe how it felt, so I’m very glad to have these photos to look back on forever. It really was so special!

Next was going back to the car to get warm and heading down to Echo Lake to take more portraits. The parking lot was overflowing, our feet were numb, and yet again we (obviously) had the whole park to ourselves. My dream! I’ve taken photos in this spot before, but that morning it looked like we traveled to the Pacific Northwest. It was moody, romantic, and so memorable. The rain started to blur up my camera making some of the photos look like film and at the end, the best champagne pop ever.

Enjoy these photos. They’re ones to remember.

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